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What we do

Our balanced mix of business expertise and technical capabilities, paired with our unique approach to data acquisition, allows us to generate powerful insights for our clients. Focusing primarily on Financial Services and Health Care, we help clients identify relevant data assets and apply today’s analytical toolset to create competitive intelligence that has a true impact on their economic success.

Thus, we deliver business impact through data insights to help our clients on their way to achieving strategic goals.

What you get

We create smart data products and self-learning information pipelines. We offer all our data products both as a managed service as well as an on-premise model. The service model let our clients benefit from leading their own or participating in disruptive business ecosystems. As a result, we often innovate business value chains helping our clients to help their clients. For a quick start of our client’s journey, we bring use case experience, leading edge technology and proven information repositories to the table.


Collecting data and information and “connecting the dots” to gain valuable insights demand more than the traditional methods most enterprises employ today. This is particularly true once external sources and unstructured content get involved.

We offer necessary methods and automated intelligence to turn data of any kind into desired business objects, put them into business context and thus enable advanced analytics for sustainable business value. Our services can be used on premise or within our prepared and continuously maintained business ecosystems, hosted on a secure and encrypted Switzerland-based private Cloud. In our solutions, we follow a well defined process to turn the world’s raw data into value.

Core Activities

In a first step we scout relevant sources and determine which structured and unstructured content might be relevant to a client’s data use case. This includes the collection of external and internal information sources. We provide smart data acquisition processes with highly adaptive sourcing strategies that rightly are different to traditional ETL approaches.


Some of our business expertise comes packaged as re-usable products and services. Hosted on a certified Switzerland-based private Cloud we prepare external data that let you jumpstart your analytical ambitions.

At this time, we are focusing on three market domains offerings.

market intelligence

Access and connect content for the use cases that are relevant to market activities of our clients and "connect the dots" across information that has been unconnected previously. Our knowledge about information markets, as well as our data science techniques and tools, allow us to derive new insights for a range of use cases that have the potential to generate economic benefit for our clients. Get in touch

health care intelligence

We are working on building a repository of key information about the Swiss health care sector as a basis for creating insights that are specific to the business of our clients. This service helps clients to extend their risk assessment by leveraging external insights in addition to their traditional actuarial world. Within this business ecosystem we collect anonymized risk patterns of individuals, hospitals and pharmacies to help optimizing our client’s market share. Get in touch

Regulatory Services

We combine the agility of a subscription based policy maintenance service with the reliability of a market leader in the regulatory platform space. Jointly with our strategic partner AxiomSL we provide expertise and end-to-end services around the most relevant regulatory policies. Experiences range from SNB reporting to Basel 3 Credit Risk to Liquidity Coverage Ratio and transactional reporting around FATCA, MIFID and SA-CCR. Get in touch

Data Science as a Service

Even the longest journey starts with the first step

Our advisory teams offer a broad range of data management and advanced analytics themes in tailored projects to help our clients to achieve their individual objectives. We use pragmatic methodologies and a set of pre-defined use case kick-starters to accelerate the evolution towards becoming a data driven company.

Don’t shy back, we love to start small, prove success and leave room for informed decisions: our engagement model allows incremental knowledge creation by definition and can grow into a strategic transformation initiative only when and if their economic value has been proven.


At Integration Alpha we believe that learning from facts and related events with intelligent analytical capabilities is fundamental to human evolution. In the digital age, the sheer mass of available, information is rapidly changing the way we do analytics. New technology to comprehend complex patterns and automated learning is excelling the traditional abilities to unlock previously unknown facts and insights. Our offer is to support you on this journey through the complexities of advanced analytics to create value for your enterprise using data as an asset.
Integration Alpha prides itself on its experienced team with substantial expertise at the crossroads of data management and Financial Services. All founding members of Integration Alpha have built and managed enterprise level Centers of Expertise, data warehouses and big data platforms at global players including Credit Suisse, UBS, Zurich, JPMorgan Chase, PepsiCo, Novartis and AVIS. We rely on broad acceptance in the industry and our global network of highly qualified practitioners across a wide array of disciplines. The combination of our individual track records in both traditional data management and modern analytics capabilities create a powerful offering.

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