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Data- & Service Mesh

Micro-Integrations done right

All our data products are enabled via ferris.ai: As a hybrid, cloud-native platform for business visionaries, data engineers, data scientists and next-gen clients and users, ferris.ai delivers on 60+ hands-on use cases. Leverage our data assets to jump-start your digital journey.

Digital Logistics

End-to-End Digital Logistics Service for SME

Digital Logistics Made Smart: Logitize seamlessly connects client, dispatcher, driver and goods. Logistics companies can use the Logitize online platform to immediately digitize their supply-chain and embed route optimization and client benefit calculators to enhance their service levels.

IoT Cloud Solution

Multi-sensor IoT - fast + effective

Our Extheria IoT Cloud offering can work with your existing sensors or benefit from the multi-band multi-sensor innovation we have creates specifically for complex logistics and high-end supply-chain solutions. Measure temperature, humidity, location, shock, and more using a single sensor that is small and durable enough to fit into every package you ship.

People-Analytics (exited)

Strategic Workforce Management

** Now a part of Learning Group ** Skills for today and tomorrow: Companies can use the People-Analytix online platform to collate the skills within their workforce, analyse and compare them with trends in the market. This makes organizations more adaptive, nimble and agile. People-Analytix translates a corporate strategy into tangible and meaningful skills, so each employee can align her interest and development in line with the company vision.


Expertise Plus Hands-On Action

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Data Science
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Regulatory Reporting
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How We Are Different

We get everyone onto the same page in terms of expectations and priorities within three hours to at most one day. The faster you need to get from idea to operational use, the more you need to have every hand and every brain aligned. We'll make sure of that.


Use Case

From hypothesis to experiment to feasibility can and should be a short step. Within these initial iterations, we prove both the business and the technical feasibility.


1-3 weeks
Data Driven

Trusting in your internal staff's experience and intuition is important. But making sure your clients and partners feel the same about your new digital offering trumps both: If you have to fail - fail fast!


2-6 weeks

Linking the final product with your internal systems and processes can never be an afterthought. Instead, we make sure that both your business processes and your change management are integrated smoothly.


2-3 weeks

Operational excellence is more than a buzzword. We make sure that your solution is monitored and maintained in a continuous DataOps and DevOps cycle, providing scalability and security.




Our History

Building business ecosystems, mastering the digital transformation, we enable your digital understanding!

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Marco Selva

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Frank Kaminsky

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Tom Debus

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